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Greens Special School run under Ayesha Educational Society (Not for Profit Organisation) established in 2010 is a school for children with special needs. It provides free of Cost, schooling and related facilities to assist the children suffering from various disabilities like epilepsy, down's syndrome, autism, hearing impairment physical disability, intellectual disability and multiple disabilities. We have a team of special educators, physiotherapist, speech therapist and psychologist, who dedicatedly support and strive for all the needs of the special children.

Greens Special School steered by Mrs. Ayesha Rubina, who has been relentlessly working for the cause of the special needs children for the past 20 years. She is the Hon. sec of A.P. Welfare Association for Mentally Retarded, a founder member and a trustee of Special Olympics, A.P. Chapter and has been conducting awareness campaigns in India and abroad. She completed her Post-Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Osmania University in 1999 and she has also done her Masters in Social Work from Osmania University Hyderabad.

What We Do

We at Ayesha Educational Society believe that Individuals with mental retardation should become an integral part of society; they should not be isolated, segregated or discriminated against in any way. For these children going to school is essential to learn not only academic skills but also discipline, social skills, and practical skills for community living. Though they are slow in learning, by applying the right kind of educational techniques, it is possible to impart the basic skills of reading, writing, and basic arithmetic to the children.

Education is the gateway to participation in society It is particularly important for children with disabilities, when these children are able to attend school, parents and caregivers are able to find time for other activities including earning a living and resting.

To a parent, every child is special in his or her own way. Every parent wants his or her child to be physically and developmentally perfect. But some children have special needs that challenge parents. The financial strain of providing for them represents a staggering burden to each family that has this responsibility. We have noticed during the operation of our school that a demand of a monthly fee of as little as Rs.1000 per month leads to a substantial number of drop outs of students. It is not only children of the lower income bracket but also children of middle class who drop out because after the family takes care of the medical bills of the child they are often not in a position to pay any fees, as they consider and rightly so the medical needs of the child to be the top priority and compromise on the only thing that they can and that is Education.

Therefore all the facilities of special educators, physiotherapist, speech therapist and psychologist at the school are provided free of cost.


Enabling participation in the community and providing educational, cultural and recreational options is of paramount importance for the healthy physical and intellectual development of every child.

Greens Special School under the patronage of Ayesha Educational Society has been organizing Carnivals, Sports Meets and Competitions for more than a decade by inviting and involving childrenfrom all the special schools of the twin cities.


Students of Greens Special School, due to constant perseverance of the management and their enthusiasm, have been appreciated and awarded wherever they have participated in all the competitions.

Student athletes of Greens Special School have participated in all the Sports Meets and games held at zonal, state, national and international levels including the Special Olympics.


In January, 2014 seven students from Greens Special School have participated in Special Olympics Bharat held in Uttar Pradesh. Five students were awarded Gold Medals and one student was awarded Bronze Medal.

Their names are :

  1. Azeemullah Khan* - 100 Mts. - Gold Medal
  2. Shamsh-ul-Haq* – 100 Mts. and 300 Mts. - Gold Medal
  3. Ruhina Begum – 30 Mts. ( straight) and 30 Mts. (salomi race) - Gold Medal
  4. Habbeb Omer – 30 Mts. (salomi race) - Gold Medal
  5. Basheer Ahmed- 30 Mts. (salomi race) - Gold Medal
  6. Dastagir 100 Mts.- Bronze Medal

Two students from the above group –Mstr. Azeemullah Khan & Mstr. Shamsh- ul- Haq will be representing India in the Special Olympics in June, 2015 in USA .

It is worth mentioning that children of Greens special school have excelled in all fields in spite of not having permanent infrastructure like a playground or building in place. The need for a permanent building and play ground has been long and hard felt by the students and the management.

As the school has been operating for the last 8 years it has earned a reputation for itself, the school presently is serving the needs of 75 students, and there are many more eager parents who want their child to enroll at our school,but we unfortunately have to turn them down even though the child deserves to be at school and we are willing to serve,due to the lack of space in the classrooms to accommodate them.

The contribution made by you and your organisation to the society are income tax deductable under section 80G of the income tax act 1961.

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